Dizzy Heights: Climbing in Dorset and beyond

For more information about anything to do with Dizzy Heights, do feel free to contact me.

I've put a bit of effort into learning enough about XHTML to cobble together this website but haven't yet got my head round CGI scripts. If I get motivated to do so in the future I might put a feedback form on this page but meanwhile, in a crude attempt to minimise spam (the nastiest thing on the web after paedophilia) I have cunningly disguised my email address in this picture of my road taken on the unusual day of 2nd February 2009 - just move your mouse over the image to see

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Alternatively - and because it seems honourable to identify oneself properly - write to me at the address below.

Matt Perks
Dizzy Heights
14 Nelson Road
SO15 3DW

You can even get in touch if you just want some friendly advice about climbing at Swanage or Portland; I'll be happy to help.


...Britain's most under-rated climbing area