Dizzy Heights: Climbing in Dorset and beyond
Old Faithful (VS) The Boulder Ruckle at Swanage
Silhouette Arete (VS) The Boulder Ruckle at Swanage Poetry in Motion (E3)
Golden Fleece (HVS) The Boulder Ruckle at Swanage

Information about rock climbing at Swanage and Portland is collected together in this part of the Dizzy Heights website. I hope that you will find something useful, and maybe get a bit more from your Dorset rock climbing adventures as a result.

All pages can be accessed from the navigation bar on the left. The bulk of the information is about the trad climbing at Swanage. This is split into four main sections:

And I've added a video clip about packing a rack for the bigger routes:

There are also pages describing the fantastic sport climbing on the Portland crags and the Dorset DWS scene

The information is by no means comprehensive, in fact it's a fairly incomplete collection of route information, cafe beta etc. mixed in with anything that occurs to me that might be useful to someone else. Feel free to email me with anything from minor grade disagreements to long essays. I'll either add it to the site, or not, as takes my fancy at the time.

See you on the crag.

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For more information, feel free to contact me.